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A Wedding Ring; a Symbol of Love & Never-Ending Commitment

Creative Captures has returned from our holiday and it feels so good to have returned and jumping right back into work! We have sooo many projects to get to while preserving the most cherished memories of our clients lives!

It definitely got us to thinking about our most memorable clients over this past year! Michelle & Jeremy were a couple that quickly comes to mind! Michelle had reached out to Creative Captures to inquire about an anniversary present for her hubby; a showcase of their love for each other. Their story is soo much more than that though. Jeremy had previously misplaced his wedding ring and Michelle had surprised him with a vow renewal at their beautiful new home; along with a replacement ring and a beautiful intimate ceremony. Cue the tissues as watching will definitely bring tears to your eyes!

We got the honor of showcasing their love for each other and all of these momentous events! This fairy tale is played out before you in their video and perfectly narrated in Michelle’s words as she recalls these two special days in their lives.

Check out their video in our gallery and thank Michelle for how perfectly it came out! Like all of my clients; Michelle had a vision when she reached out and expressed all fine details. We are so pleased to have made the vision come to life and become something both she and Jeremy will cherish for a lifetime!

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