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Amplify Your Event Decor With a Montage

When I encourage others to incorporate a photo video montage into their event, I know some people's heads roll. Why?! They might think. The answer is simple, because it completely adds to the ambiance, tone and overall decor of your event. And it is beyond entertaining for your guests; a conversation starter for many and for others, a trigger to make them laugh and maybe release some feelings with a much needed cry.

In a sense, these montages of memories, encompass the primary reason why you are gathering at whatever event you are hosting. Whether it's a 1st or 60th birthday party, anniversary or a funeral, a photo video montage can tell the story of that special someone you are honoring. It is the projection screen in the corner of the room that ties right into the surrounding picture frames of a lost loved one or centered on a dessert table of a graduation but so tastefully compliments the colors of the treats and tablecloth. It could also be the main focal point behind a wedding head table. It is there and somehow it's likely the one thing that's part of your decor that gets talked about throughout the duration of the event and likely even after. It will have a group of 2-3 fixated most times, awaiting the next memory.

This picture in this post explains it all. This is a favorite client of mine; Edwina, on her wedding day. Here she is with her beautiful family and husband surrounded by her well thought out and gorgeous decor. And what's that tied right into her decor on those two monitors in the background? Her photo montage created by Creative Captures that perfectly highlighted their engagement and love story all while blending in with the tone and theme of her special day! It played on a loop during her reception; catching eyes the entire time and tying all of the decor ambiance together! This is exactly my point and THIS ladies and gentlemen, is how you accomplish what I'm describing!

Sure, for some the thought of all of this can be overwhelming. Not sure how to accomplish this?! Let us help! We love learning about your events and getting inspiration to create the perfect montage for you and your family that you'll forever cherish! With our delivery and projection option, we can assist you with on-site set up! Reach out today to get started!

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