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How to Make a Stunning Video

One of my first customers I simply have to thank for demonstrating how to make an amazing video! It is all about the content after all! That content being pictures and video of your lives! Meet Allison and her beautiful family! Allison contacted me, in hopes of presenting a montage video to her husband to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday! It was a surprise after all and she wanted it to be perfect! Allison, knew exactly what she wanted. Making my job that much easier! She provided me with a slew of pictures that were all in proper chronological order and of high quality! Which brings to my next point, a critical one; quality!!

It’s all about presentation and there is no better way to showcase and preserve your memories other than to take your time in doing so and ensuring the content is perfect! Choose those best pictures and sometimes best is not always ‘posed & proper’. Sometimes best is the impromptu moments in life such as your spouse lovingly gazing at your children or of you waving at the camera with your eyes half way closed LOL! I realize it sounds silly, but its beyond true. More on my Life Documentary Video offerings coming soon! But honestly, take your time in selecting your pictures! And if you have pictures that are not the best quality or need a bit of editing! Let me know, I am able & happy to help!

Keep in mind that in abundance of photos and videos works best as well! The more pictures and video, the more you will be pleased with the final result! It’s all about documenting your life! That becomes difficult to do with 10 pictures and one video. Don’t be afraid of some of those pictures that might have not turned out so well. Let’s take a look and see what we can do with them!

Lastly, I try my best not to do simple ‘slideshows’! I want these projects to be cinematic and to tell a story that you can watch and enjoy in the years to come! So the sky is the limit when it comes to your requests; from colors, themes, notes to your loved one! Allison got that and included the most ADORABLE video of her kiddos in her project! Be sure to check out the end of her husband’s 50th video in our gallery if you want your heart to melt and some inspiration for your upcoming project of course!

It’s little add-ons like this that go such a long way and truly captures the memories!


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