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Losing A Best Friend

It’s not always the loss of human life that hits the heart and forever touches our soul. Some of the bestest friends in the world are of the feathery and furry kind. I’ve had and lost many pets in my life. I still remember losing my first dog at a young age; my parents informing me when I got home from school that I should say goodbye to my best friend. I remember clipping a piece of her hair, which I still have. Since then there have been many cuddly friends that I have lost. Dogs and birds that have been like no other human friend I’ve ever had. They have offered unconditional love and dedication with their entire small being. And they were always there when you needed them the most, all while asking for very little in return.

A recent client made me ponder the memories of my own past pets, from the past several years all the way back through my childhood. My client had just recently lost their beloved pup, Daisy. Instantly while initiating their project, I was taken back to my feelings of grief after losing my past animals. It honestly is one of the worst feelings. How therapeutic it can be to look back at old memories. Pictures from the first initial days as a pup, filled with snippets of funny moments throughout the years ending with snapshots of some of the final days, most oftentimes with us humans trying to make them the most special days by recollecting on a life well-lived and saying…thank you.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to anyone we love but there is an innocence about the loss of a pet that crushes are heart. I felt for my client’s family as I went through their memories of an entire lifetime of their pup. But the smiles on the family’s faces offers solace assuring they gave their Daisy her best life and she gave them there’s. She’ll never be forgotten.

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