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Love Is In The Air

Wedding season is upon us! And all of the anticipation and couple clients has us feeling butterflies and that warm lovey dovey feeling! What a perfect way to highlight your relationship with your special someone than by showcasing your entire time together with a montage! Capture those beginning moments, those special ones, those first kisses & even capture that special day!

Too often than not we hear about pictures that so perfectly encompass those momentous times but then nothing is done with them. They basically sit in a box somewhere collecting dust. Creative Captures is here to help you compile those images and video footage so that it becomes worthy of looking back at often!

What ways can you utilize a love montage you ask?! Too many to list! But think about a montage to gift your loved one just because or perhaps for their birthday, an engagement celebration, an anniversary, a compilation of wedding pictures & video OR get creative like a recent client who wanted to showcase her entire relationship from beginning to current and play it during their May 1st wedding’s cocktail hour! What a way to grab the attention of all wedding guests and make them realize the love you two share! Not to mention, what an awesome way to add to the wedding decor!

We got real creative with this one, using wedding colors & a beach scene to commemorate past memories on the beach they'd shared. Our fav part was the addition of the engagement video at the end which is beyond priceless! Jessica got a special one that’s for sure!! Check it out in our gallery!

Congrats to Jessica & Quanda!

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